Ive made a new blog under my own name just to keep track of all the shit i do and make for my own cars and what i make for mates or as jobs and just general cool shit. check it out at

group c

got the new wheels on the car and put the dash and gauges and stuff back in, just a few things to tidy up before the 4 and rotary nationals this weekend


been doing a bit of work on the rx7 while i was off work over the christmas break, the last time i raced it i blew a gearbox and snapped an axle so have changed a few things to strengthen everything up and have a modena dogbox on the way from australia so shouldnt have anymore issues there for a while

i started off by cutting the original floor out of the drivers side of the car so that the seat could be mounted properly and in the right place, the seat now sits 120mm further towards the centre of the car and my head no longer hits the roll cage

with the seat being in a different position the steering column had to be modified and mounted further over aswell so we made up a new column with a couple universal joints in it and made up a mount using some rod ends for easy adjustment

the exhaust on the car was a mess and went over the diff which was always hitting so decided to make up a new exhaust and run it under the diff and not run any resonators with just a large single rear muffler

also made up a cold airbox

while the dash was out i decided to get it flocked as it was getting quite old and looked pretty shit to be honest

just before christmas we bought a set of 16×10 3 piece arrow wheels but they had seen better days so need to be polished and painted, heres what they now look like

made up some new radiator pipes cause i like the look of alloy radiator pipes

and a picture of how the cars sitting at the moment, got a few things to do before the 4 and rotary nationals show next weekend

casual thursday night

went out on thursday night to take some pictures with keisuke from ,this guy takes some sweet pictures and ive finally got some proper photos of my car which is cool.

thanks heaps to keisuke for the pictures, check the rest of them out on his blog


car was tuned last thursday with the g4 at hitec motorsport, made 240kw at the wheels on 17psi so pretty happy with the it, took it for a drive on friday night when i picked it up and it just spins up 1st 2nd or 3rd gear as soon as it comes on boost. Ive entered the dmnz drift day at taupo on the 8th of october and will be my first time drifting on a track so really looking forward to it.

ready to go

fixed the oil leaks, heli coiled one of the threads to hold the coils in place, put everything on the car how its supposed to be and its ready to go away for the new ecu and tune, will have some results by the end of the week hopefully


cars all running now, rangi’d up an air flow meter just to make sure everything was sweet before it goes to get the link installed and a tune. was running super rich with 850cc injectors and ran pretty shit but the engine sounds sweet which is good however has a massive oil leak from the remote oil filter mount, tried to seal the fittings with some thread sealer but still leaks so ill have to get some new fittings tomorrow and hopefully get it all sorted tomorrow night so i can take it to get the new ecu and will hopefully be dyno’d on wednesay

got the new r32 gtr front brakes on

and got my new harness


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